Uttar Pradesh Revenue Department to Get Blockchain Architecture

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In a bid to join other progressive states like Maharashtra and Karnataka in implementing blockchain technology for state necessities, Uttar Pradesh under Yogi Adityanath is looking at introducing the cutting edge technology in the state’s revenue records.

The move is supposed to increase data security in tampering prone land and revenue records in the vastly rural state, where manual record keeping is the norm. Since about 67 per cent of Uttar Pradesh’s 220 million population live in the rural areas and depend upon agricultural and pastoral land for the livelihood, a secure and robust land record management has always been a critical aspect for the state government. The infrastructure is planned for launch in 6 months from now.

IIT Kanpur has been roped in as the knowledge partner for this project.

Blockchain is basically a decentralised digital ledger or digital archive to store successive transactions in a chronological order, which makes it virtually impossible to hack or manipulate the data for ulterior designs.

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