Did Facebook say (Ca)Libra?


In its bid to jump onto the moving wagon, Facebook is facing scrutiny over their newly unveiled cryptocurrency. The social network’s announcement on Tuesday of its new cryptocurrency termed as Libra caught the attention of senior congressional finance committee members, global regulators, former lawmakers, and industry insiders who were quick to scrutinize. Read more about Did Facebook say (Ca)Libra?

Blockchain & The Healthcare Industry

What is the blockchain technology?
The blockchain is a peer-to-peer distributed ledger technology that can be used for creating an unalterable and trusted record of transactions, which was initially introduced in connection with Bitcoin. Since then the blockchain has gained prominence in a number of traditional sectors such as finance, logistics & supply chain, voting and the like.


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The Curious Case of Cryptocurrencies in 2018

Cryptocurrency has made some of the major headlines in the year 2018, often making hefty turns up and down the price band, and making investors speculative of its future. The area of investment in bitcoins steadily picked up pace, ever since word spread about the alluring returns that Bitcoin has reaped for its investors. The world of Cryptocurrencies might be large in length and breadth but the same has not stopped curious souls from learning more about the digital currency.


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How blockchain could revolutionize the supply chain industry

517 0 Have you ever wondered where did the clothes that you wear, or the food that you eat come from? Before these products even hit the stores, there is a whole other chain of different interlinked elements that work on delivering these products to you. This connected sequence of processes involved in the production […]

How blockchain could revolutionize traditional finance

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are interlinked using cryptography. Each block contains information regarding a specific transaction. A blockchain is designed to be resistant to the modification of data. As each transaction takes place, it is stored in a block and added to the chain. In simpler words, blockchain is a digital ledger, where all the transactions are recorded and shared publicly.

Information recorded on a blockchain exists as a shared and continually updated database. The blockchain database isn’t stored in any single location, meaning the records it keeps are truly public and anybody can access the same. Information is decentralized and hosted by millions of computers simultaneously, thereby making hacking a most improbable event. While blockchain is often mentioned in association with cryptocurrency platforms like Bitcoin, the underlying technology has great potential in making the finance sector more efficient and transparent. As a radical technology for recordkeeping, blockchain technology is believed to change the future of finance in all aspects like accounting, asset registers, payments, trading, collateral management, and more.

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The trader’s guide to hash wars

If you are even remotely active on crypto-Twitter, you must be aware of the Bitcoin Cash fork drama and the consequent hash wars that are unfolding. For those late to the party, here’s a quick rundown of the situation:

Bitcoin ABC vs Bitcoin SV
The Bitcoin Cash network divided into two factions over protocol changes that have now been implemented splitting the chain into two: BCH ABC and BCH SV. Before it came to be at 16:40 UTC on Nov 15th, the two opposing camps composed of prominent names in crypto have been going at each other’s throats on Twitter for the past few weeks. Essentially, Craig Wright, who is on the side of the SV implementation threatened a 51% attack against the ABC network, should the protocol changes be implemented. With each side garnering support from miners and businesses along with ensuring they have enough hash power to sustain their network post the split, the hash wars, as this situation has been dubbed, are officially on. A more detailed version of events along with numerous updates on the fork itself can be read in Bitcoin magazine’s article here. Read more about The trader’s guide to hash wars

BlackRock says no to Exchange Traded Fund until cryptocurrency becomes legitimate

World’s largest asset manager BlackRock will not offer Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) until cryptocurrencies become legitimate. Larry Fink, BlackRock’s CEO said, at this moment he does not see the need for electronic trading for a currency that is not legitimate irrespective of how much wealth it can store. However, he does not rule out the option in case there is a need of it in the future. Fink said this in Manhattan on Thursday while attending  New York Times Dealbook Conference. Read more about BlackRock says no to Exchange Traded Fund until cryptocurrency becomes legitimate

Cryptocurrency enters the porn industry and takes off in a rather grand style

The porn studio VogoV conducted a market research recently and according to the report published, cryptocurrency has entered into the porn industry with over 470 websites, 50 Webcam platforms and 35 sex shops worldwide accepting payment in cryptocurrency. Though the number might seem big, compared to the vastness of the adult industry it is not a huge one but it has indeed started off impressively. Having said that, the porn industry known for adopting technology early, took a little longer to come to terms with cryptocurrency and blockchain. Barring Wicked & Pornhub, most of the websites did not want to try out cryptocurrencies until recently. Read more about Cryptocurrency enters the porn industry and takes off in a rather grand style

Google confirms blockchain is most looked up technology

Search engine giant Google’s search data revealed that blockchain is the most searched for technology on the internet. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have been making a lot of noise and creating hype cycles over the past year. People have been trying to understand these technologies and slowly they are trying to adapt to the future. Google confirms that blockchain appears more in search criteria than cryptocurrency. It was in July that blockchain overtook cryptocurrency in terms of search hits and has consistently tipped cryptocurrency ever since. Read more about Google confirms blockchain is most looked up technology

SP Group launches marketplace for blockchain powered renewal energy certificate

As revealed in a major press release by one of the major electricity and gas transmission giants in Singapore, SP group has recently launched a new marketplace for blockchain powered renewal energy certificate. The release of the same was made at the ASEAN energy business forum held in Singapore this week. Read more about SP Group launches marketplace for blockchain powered renewal energy certificate