Google confirms blockchain is most looked up technology

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Search engine giant Google’s search data revealed that blockchain is the most searched for technology on the internet. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have been making a lot of noise and creating hype cycles over the past year. People have been trying to understand these technologies and slowly they are trying to adapt to the future. Google confirms that blockchain appears more in search criteria than cryptocurrency. It was in July that blockchain overtook cryptocurrency in terms of search hits and has consistently tipped cryptocurrency ever since.

Bitcoin, however, seems to be the most searched crypto term with its popularity 10 times more than blockchain or cryptocurrency. It must be noted that before the 2017 hype cycle, neither blockchain nor cryptocurrency had a huge customer base. Both were neck to neck in terms of searches as suggested by Google trends. Google also called out that the trends do not show the exact numbers and merely suggest a relative view of the search counts based on technology-based common terms searched by the customers. The common thinking amongst technology enthusiasts that blockchain will slowly become more popular is materializing slowly and in a recent interview, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon also stressed on the same. It needs to be seen how big Blockchain matures into as a mainstream technology.

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