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The CMCT token is an ERC20 standard token. 


  • Crowd Computer: A decentralized app development engine; A peer to peer network where users are compensated for providing processing power
  • Crowd App Studio: Blockchain app development platform
  • Crowd Share: GitHub like repository for user-contributed code that can be accessed via Crowd App Studio
  • Crowd Machine combines these three components and aims to target developers & amateurs looking to build decentralized apps

Price: To be calculated post-sale, basis the total amount raised against the total number of tokens sold

Hard Cap: Not defined

Minimum Investment: 100,000 USD (Private sale); 0.1 ETH (Public Sale)

Private Sale Dates: 16th January 2018 onwards

Public Sale Dates: 1st April 2018 to 22nd May 2019

Maximum Bonus: 50% – first 10 days of the public sale

Total Tokens: 2,000,000,000 CMCT

Fund Distribution: R&D – 19%, Support – 7%, Insurances – 1%, Sales & Marketing – 21%, Legal – 1%, Direct Marketing – 18%, Management – 7%, COPS – 3%, Community – 20%, Travel – 3%

Exchange: No plans to list on an exchange disclosed

MVP: Not available, Crowd Machine opened a beta for users, however, it is not accessible from the website. The product reportedly has customers among Fortune 500 companies, via parent company Metavine Inc.

Team & Advisors Rating: 4 / 5

Marketing: 3 / 5

Competition: Though a competitor who challenges all three of their core competencies does not exist, competitors for the individual concepts do exist – IBM, Google Cloud Services, Azure, Amazon Web Services, GitHub, Golem, QTUM

Location: California, USA


  • Strong Concept


  • Price not decided
  • The duration of the ICO is too long – 417 days
  • Lack of a public MVP
  • Hardcap not defined, which implies that the team is not clear on the amount of capital that needs to be raised to execute the project
  • No update on an exchange listing

Are we investing: No

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