To Blockchain Or Not To Blockchain

It’s no secret that Blockchain is used when multiple mutually mistrusting entities that don’t want to use a third party, mutually agree to interact and make transactions. However, whether Blockchain is the answer to your woes remains a much-debated question amongst product/service teams. Here are some basics that ought to help clear the air.

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What is Blockchain?

551 2 For the sake of explaining the Blockchain technology, let us draw a parallel between Blockchain and Google Docs. Multiple parties can access & edit Google Docs simultaneously and all the changes are stored. Now imagine that this document is duplicated across thousands of computers, such that each new entry in the document is […]

What is Bitcoin?

531 0 Bitcoin is a decentralized digital asset & a payment system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonymous software developer(or a group of software developers going by that name) in 2009. It utilizes a peer to peer protocol wherein users can transact directly without any financial intermediary – bank or a credit card company. The […]