Endor | EDR (www.endor.com)

623 0 Concept: An automated accurate predictive analysis engine Powered by Social Physics, Big Data & Artificial Intelligence Price: 0.267 USD Hard Cap: 45Mn USD Presale Dates: Presale is live, will end once the target – 45Mn USD is raised Amount Raised: 43.5Mn USD Public Sale Dates: Endor will not be conducting a public sale […]

Crowd Machine | CMCT

521 0 The CMCT token is an ERC20 standard token.  Concept: Crowd Computer: A decentralized app development engine; A peer to peer network where users are compensated for providing processing power Crowd App Studio: Blockchain app development platform Crowd Share: GitHub like repository for user-contributed code that can be accessed via Crowd App Studio Crowd […]