KIK’s messaging service shuts down to focus on Cryptocurrency

The story of Kik’s popular messaging service keeps getting weirder. CEO Ted Livingston announced that the company would be shutting down its messaging wing to focus solely on their cryptocurrency, Kin. It’s an attempt to save as much money as possible as the anonymous-messaging service provider battles the Securities and Exchange Commission over whether its initial coin offering (ICO) should count as security.
Read more about KIK’s messaging service shuts down to focus on Cryptocurrency makes Pit-stop has announced that it is launching a new microsecond-latency crypto exchange called The Pit. If you thought that its name is related to some sort of complex security system and hence it is very “deep”, well you were wrong like us. If, however, you took into account the speed factor and connected it to the Pit stops of formula one races, well you’re smarter than us. That’s exactly where the name comes from. The institutional-grade platform will be launched in over 240 markets around the world, including a select number of U.S. states.

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NASSCOM stands against the crypto ban

Just when you start losing hope in the Indian financial sector and related Indian government institutions, some organisation comes forward to make you feel worse by stating what the statesmen should already know. Industry body Nasscom (National Association of Software and Services Companies) has opposed the recent proposal for banning cryptocurrencies in India, saying it is “not a solution”.
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China Takes a Favourable Turn on Cryptocurrency


China is a country known to the West as one that bans all of its products and tries to develop them indigenously. It is considered to be one of the most important players in the cryptocurrency market. The decisions of the Chinese government affect the entire industry, but cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin have been in a dangerous position in terms of regulations. The existing Chinese cryptocurrency laws are pretty strict. Read more about China Takes a Favourable Turn on Cryptocurrency

Did Facebook say (Ca)Libra?


In its bid to jump onto the moving wagon, Facebook is facing scrutiny over their newly unveiled cryptocurrency. The social network’s announcement on Tuesday of its new cryptocurrency termed as Libra caught the attention of senior congressional finance committee members, global regulators, former lawmakers, and industry insiders who were quick to scrutinize. Read more about Did Facebook say (Ca)Libra?

How blockchain could revolutionize the supply chain industry

784 0 Have you ever wondered where did the clothes that you wear, or the food that you eat come from? Before these products even hit the stores, there is a whole other chain of different interlinked elements that work on delivering these products to you. This connected sequence of processes involved in the production […]

The trader’s guide to hash wars

If you are even remotely active on crypto-Twitter, you must be aware of the Bitcoin Cash fork drama and the consequent hash wars that are unfolding. For those late to the party, here’s a quick rundown of the situation:

Bitcoin ABC vs Bitcoin SV
The Bitcoin Cash network divided into two factions over protocol changes that have now been implemented splitting the chain into two: BCH ABC and BCH SV. Before it came to be at 16:40 UTC on Nov 15th, the two opposing camps composed of prominent names in crypto have been going at each other’s throats on Twitter for the past few weeks. Essentially, Craig Wright, who is on the side of the SV implementation threatened a 51% attack against the ABC network, should the protocol changes be implemented. With each side garnering support from miners and businesses along with ensuring they have enough hash power to sustain their network post the split, the hash wars, as this situation has been dubbed, are officially on. A more detailed version of events along with numerous updates on the fork itself can be read in Bitcoin magazine’s article here. Read more about The trader’s guide to hash wars