G20 Nations On Cryptocurrency

489 0 The G20 Summit held earlier this month established that the member nations do not consider cryptocurrencies a threat to the financial system as yet. A leaked document also stated that cryptocurrencies ‘lack the traits of sovereign currencies,’ thereby implying that the G20 considers cryptocurrencies to be assets rather than functional currencies. Given this, it […]

The Curious Case of Cryptocurrency in China

484 0 While China has spent the past year implementing a series of prohibiting regulations that have made it almost impossible for the cryptocurrency industry to thrive within the country, Chinese crypto enthusiasts have not let government regulation prevent them from moving forward with crypto and Blockchain innovation. Operating in China within the limits of […]

The future of Banking: Blockchain and Smart Contracts

461 0 The Internet has become so ubiquitous and so central in our lives and the way the world is run, that we tend to ignore there existed a time before social media and e-commerce websites. The Internet transformed almost everything we had been doing and birthed many new and unique aspects of the modern […]

Blockchain 3.0: The quest for the new Internet

516 0 When Tim Berners Lee came up with the World Wide Web in 1993, the Internet did not belong in the server racks of large corporations, but in dial-up connections of numerous home and office computers of wide-eyed cyber enthusiasts who hoped to connect and share the cyberspace with one and all. The reality […]

Crypto regulations around the World

422 0 As the market rests momentarily after oscillating between red and green, there yet remains to be seen a universal, comprehensive set of regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. Amidst talks of bans, restrictions and electricity subsidies to miners, there seems to be no consensus amongst governments over one consolidated position on the fate of decentralised digital […]

Before Bitcoin: A History of Digital Money

26,668 0   Cypher /ˈsʌɪfə/: noun a secret or disguised way of writing; a code Punk /pʌŋk/: noun a worthless person rebel Bitcoin, the first decentralised cryptocurrency seems to have been born out of a eureka moment in the mind of an anonymous genius, identified only as Satoshi Nakamoto. The truth, however, politely begs to […]

The Fate Of Crypto Assets In India: To Regulate Or Not

432 0 The Budget 2018, released by the Government of India saw the Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley acknowledge the elephant in the room that is gaining prominence with each passing day – crypto assets & the related investment/trading activities. Jaitley stated that crypto assets were not a legal tender and the government would take all […]